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If you love your Hyundai vehicle and want to drive it for a long time while keeping it in top shape, visit Big Island Motors. We make it easy to protect and keep your Hyundai car or SUV running like new through our available Hyundai warranty plans. Stop by our Hyundai dealer in Hilo, HI, to learn about our Hyundai protection plans so that you can drive confidently knowing you’re prepared for the unexpected. Choose from any of our Hyundai lifetime warranties or more specific options tailored to your unique needs. Don’t pass up the peace of mind that comes with a Hyundai warranty and visit Big Island Motors today!

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See How America’s Best Warranty Compares

Features Powertrain Limited Warranty New Vehicle Limited Warranty Anti-Perforation Warranty
Hyundai 10 yrs./100,000 miles 5 yrs./60,000 miles 7 yrs./Unlimited miles
Toyota 5 yrs./60,000 miles 3 yrs./36,000 miles 5 yrs./Unlimited miles
Honda 5 yrs./60,000 miles 3 yrs./36,000 miles 5 yrs./Unlimited miles
Nissan 5 yrs./60,000 miles 3 yrs./36,000 miles 5 yrs./Unlimited miles
Chevrolet 5 yrs./60,000 miles 3 yrs./36,000 miles 6 yrs./Unlimited miles
Lexus 6 yrs./70,000 miles 4 yrs./50,000 miles 6 yrs./Unlimited miles

Our Hawaii Hyundai dealer offers a variety of warranties that cover anything from engine repairs, exterior fixes, replacements for hybrid batteries and much more. Whether you have a Hyundai Sonata that you’ve driven for years or are looking to protect your new 2020 Hyundai Tucson, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be covered wherever you roam. For maximum assurance throughout your travels, the 10-year/100,000-mile warranty allows you to enjoy coverage of powertrain component replacements including the engine and transmission. If you opt for the 8-year/80,000-mile Hyundai warranty plan, you can enjoy coverage of replacements for components including the catalytic converter, engine control module and the onboard emissions diagnostic device.*

Browse each of our Hyundai Warranty offers and our new Hyundai inventory to find the vehicle that matches your needs and make sure to ask our Hyundai sales team about our available Hyundai lease specials and prices. Test-drive a new Hyundai Santa-Fe or learn more about the fuel-efficient Hyundai Kona mpg ratings. Whichever Hyundai model you make your own, you’ll enjoy the confidence that the Big Island Motors warranty options provide.

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Contact Big Island Motors to discover which Hyundai warranty plan would best serve you and your family, and don’t hesitate to ask our Hyundai financing team about any questions you might have regarding warranty price options. We’ll explain in detail each of the benefits that come with our Hyundai protection plans. Enjoy your time behind the wheel more than ever knowing that Big Island Motors has you covered!

* See dealer for details

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